7 Best Places For Students To Travel

One of the most exciting things for a college student to do is travel abroad. Not only does this give a young man or woman a chance to visit a new, exciting place but it can give them the opportunity to learn something new outside of the classroom.

Below you will find some of the best travel destinations for college students to consider.

1.         Keys, Florida– This one if for you future marine biologists. The Keys are one of the most well-known places to go for the complete tropical vacation at a fair price. Along with this complete tropical vacation comes something that many marine biologists are looking for … the diversity of life under the sea. Here you can grab some snorkel gear and get to work or a scrubbing tank or two. Fish diversity is amazing and while studying the reefs and life students will really be able to see the major effects that everything has on life.

2.         Europe – Europe is the most popular business adventure you could possibly ask for. You don’t need to go to a specific city in order to see why this is a business hot spot. It’s just common sense. Europe is a very influential place. From fashion to manufacturing to international banking, anyone interested in business can stand to learn a great deal from the Europeans.

3.         Tuscany, Italy– Not just those in culinary school will enjoy what Italy has to offer. Italy is filled with secret recipes and ingredients that every culinary student is dying to get. Italy is filled with wine vineyards, herbs, pasta, spices, and everything that a person needs to make a masterpiece. The lifestyles of the Italians are also very interesting. They are very aware of the way they eat and their meals are not anything like your typical American meal. Here students can learn how certain spices and herbs bring out tastes and even help one’s health while also learning the ways of a chef.

4.         Shanghai, China– When you think of international business China is a must. China is one of the growing powers now and soon will be the business capital. Nine out of ten times when you look at the bottom of a product you just bought it says “made in China”. China is known for its easy resources and cheap labor making this country sought out when possible. Here students will be able to study the ways the Chinese do business and also how its outside consumers make the international business world go round and round.

5.         Serengeti plains, Africa– Biology students can really learn a lot from the African plains. The quote “Energy cannot be created or destroyed” by Einstein can clearly be explained through observations of the animals that live here. With its diverse population, we can see how one animal species depends on another. Whether it be a fish, croc, lion, or antelope the study of the creatures is fascinating. Many established biologists have studied one time or another in Africa.

6.         Rome, Italy– Any major that deals with the arts: history, literature, architecture, etc. will find Rome to be at the top of their list. Rome is the art capital of the world. Leonardo da Vinci is the most famous artist of them all. Here many students can study the art of sculpting, painting, acting, and singing through the famous works of others on buildings, sculptures, and theatres found throughout.