7 Best Places To Visit In Mysore

Mysore is a land of scenic beauty with a privileged history, temples, and gardens. It is the biggest tourist place in the state of Karnataka.

This article highlights the famous places to be visited in Mysore.


Mysore Palace:

This is the place that flashes in everyone’s mind when the word Mysore is heard. The Mysore palace is also known as the Maharaja Palace or the Amba Vilas. The construction of this palace took place from 1897 to 1912. This three floors masterpiece is built with marble of Indo Saracenic architecture. This place is open for visitors from Ten A.M to Five Thirty P.M with a charge of forty rupees.

Brindavan Gardens: 

The Brindavan garden which is spread over sixty acres is famous for its scenic beauty which is located beside the river Kaveri beside the dam krishnarajasagara in the state of Karnataka. This garden was built in the year 1932 and it is claimed that it is hit by almost two million tourists a year.

Chamundi Hills: 

The hill’s altitude is around a thousand meters. There is a famous temple of Chamundi for which one has to climb a thousand steps to go to the temple and this place is visited by most of the tourists. On the top of the hill, near the temple, there are a famous five meters Nandi statue carved out of a single black stone.

St. Philomena’s church:

St. Philomena’s church is located just two kilometers from the Mysore Palace. This church was built in the year 1936 in the honor of St. Philomena who was a saint of the Roman Catholic Church. The church was built with the Neo-Gothic architecture. In the underground chapel, one can find the antique image of the Philomena which is of over two hundred years. This place is open from eight in the morning to six in the evening.

Jaganmohan Palace: 

The magnificent Jaganmohan which is in Mysore city of the Karnataka state was built in the year 1861 by king Krishnaraja Wodeyar. This palace was later converted into the Jayachamarajendra art gallery in the year 1875 which exhibits a variety of collection of gold leaf paintings, antique arts, and crafts works. This place also exhibits the articles made of the precious ivory carvings, the most antique sandalwood, and few antique rare musical instruments.

Melody World Wax Museum:

The melody World Wax Museum is a paradise for music lovers. This place is open for visitors from nine-thirty in the morning to six in the evening. It almost educated visitors with the different styles and genres of music. This place exhibits beyond hundred wax statues and beyond three hundred atmospheres including the musical instruments. It showcases the music starting from the ancient Stone Age until the present generation instruments.

Daria Daulat:

The Daria Daulat is a summer palace for the great Tipu Sultan which is in just a nineteen kilometers drive away from the Mysore Palace which was built in the year seventeen eighty-four with adorable fresco paintings in the interiors and the walls. This place is now a museum that speaks of the battle that Tipu sultan lost when he fought the British.