7 Tips To Save Money On Golf

Golf has become one of the most popular sports over the years. More and more people are taking golf up as a recreational hobby. One drawback of golf is that the equipment is expensive. Moreover, you need to spend a lot of money to spend an hour or two on a quality golf course. To enjoy golf within a budget, you need to follow these seven tips to save money on golf.

Privilege Cards

If you are looking to take up golf as a life-long hobby, then you can avail of this option. The best golf courses offer privilege cards to loyal customers. You can get a privilege card, which would allow you a special discount for playing regularly. Discount cards and loyalty cards are the same as privilege cards. Be on the lookout for any special offers that the golf course may offer.

Discount Coupons

Some golf courses advertise discount coupons and vouchers. You can find such offers in newspapers and on the internet, especially on social media websites. Get the information regarding how you can qualify for a discount coupon and then spend time playing at a fraction of the price.


Playing golf frequently and paying every time is going to be expensive. Instead, find a local golf course and become a member. Members get special deals and discounts that will bring the cost down for you. However, membership may initially be expensive but will pay off over time and you will save money.

Employee Perks

Some companies offer golf as one of the employee perks. Check if your employer has worked out a deal at any of the golf courses. This way you can save a lot of money on golfing and might even get to play free.

Borrow Equipment

The cost of playing golf depends on how frequently you play. In case you play occasionally, it is a good idea to borrow the clubs and other equipment from a friend. Golf equipment is expensive and not an ideal investment for an occasional golfer.

Try Secondhand Clubs

A new set of golf clubs and the necessary paraphernalia can cost you upwards of $1,500. You can find good quality used clubs that will cost you much less. For a casual player, secondhand clubs are a great option. You can find used golf equipment online as well.

Use Used Balls

The thing about golf balls is that it makes little difference whether you are using brand new balls or used ones. When starting out, borrow balls from your friends or ask the golf course for old golf balls. You do not need to buy a new set of balls.

These are seven tips you can follow to save money on playing golf.