Alcohol Abuse

Alcohol abuse or alcoholism is one of the most prevailing diseases, especially in third world countries. This is a chronic problem and people suffering from it cannot help but drinking even if it is hampering their personal lives and ruining their career. There is a minor difference between alcoholism and alcohol abuse. People who are the prey to alcohol abuse have not yet lost all control over alcohol, like alcoholism patients. This is still in the treatable stage and there are many aids available that can treat alcohol abuse effectively.

Symptoms of alcohol abuse

People suffering from this particular problem often deny that they are very much into the drinking habit. They often drink secretly and cannot control the amount of alcohol they are taking in. They often experience memory loss or blackouts. They feel compulsive towards alcohol and become remarkably inactive as a result. They feel nausea and shaking when alcohol is not available. As the drinking time comes closer, they become irritated and impulsive. But generally, they do not go through the withdrawal symptoms.

Causes of alcohol abuse

The commonest cause of alcohol abuse is regular drinking habits. Certain genetic factors often contribute to an individual’s becoming an alcoholic. Emotional causes like extreme stress, severe pain, and persisting trauma or depression often lead people towards alcohol abuse. People who are psychologically challenged, to some extent, often experience problems of alcohol abuse. Those who have low self-esteem, often tend to this habit. if you are surrounded by too many alcoholics, you might get inclined to the same habit at one point in time. At times, social affairs, parties, etc. induce people to drink and they gradually become alcoholics.

Risks related to alcohol abuse

People who are into the habit of alcohol abuse for a long time, often experience physical dependency on it. Those who start drinking at a very early age face this problem. Men are more prone to alcohol abuse compared to women. Those who have several alcoholics in their family have a tendency to become alcoholic, which proves the credibility of genetic theory. Alcohol abuse not only risks the health but also ruins the career prospects and the personal relationships of an individual. The central nervous system of the human brain faces depression due to alcohol abuse. Liver problems, malfunctioning of the cardiovascular and gastrointestinal systems are common risks for the alcoholics. Women can go through pregnancy and menstruation complications because of this. Sexual potency diminishes gradually with prolonged alcohol abuse.

Prevention of alcohol abuse habits

The best way to prevent the alcohol-abusing habit is to know the family history and let the doctor know about it. Teenagers who are experiencing the symptoms of alcoholism should become alert and seek help from the physicians, support groups, and their teetotaler friends. Keep away from alcoholic friends who have a tendency to force others into the same habit. Alcohol abuse is not just an individual problem but also a social problem that should be prevented and cured at the root.