Food Near Eiffel Tower

There is a lot of food near the Eiffel Tower. Having just finished the tour of Eiffel Tower it’s time to snack on something before you go sit down for a more traditional meal at a restaurant. Or maybe, you have a packed itinerary and you would like to just grab a bite.

You will find lots of food stalls around  Eiffel Tower selling sandwiches, sweet crepes, and other savory items.

Just hold your hunger for 2 minutes. Walk away from the Eiffel Tower and stroll down Pont d’lena across the Seine River and reach the junction of  Avenue de New York on the right side and you will find Gaufres Churros.

They specialize in crepes and not just the sweet type. You can choose your order from combinations of cheese, chicken, ham, etc. If you like your crepe sweet, they have varieties like banana chocolate, maple syrup, jam in caramel, and chocolate coconut. You can pick your order while you stand in a queue (oh yes, there is a queue most times of the evening) and watch your crepe being made in front of you.

The one I had was a cheese & chicken crepe and as you will see in the video they are definitely not stingy with the portions. You can also take their pre-made sandwiches or subs but I wanted my crepe I did not try them. You can have soft drinks and coffee to go with your crepe too. The area around Eiffel Tower is open and gets cold suddenly. A warm and filling crepe can do wonders for your evenings.

Have you ever just have had a dish with a completely new and mystical name, which by the way tasted awesome and a few days later just couldn’t recollect the name except for the fact it was to die for. Yep, that happens to me a lot. Food has always been something that I have enjoyed immensely but honestly never quite understood, even today, after being coached for years by my wife, Swetha. Between you and I have no idea why I am an Author on this blog.