Scalar Acquisition Technology

We manufacture real-time, high performance, signal conditioning, and data acquisition systems. Our modular architecture allows us to build them economically to your specification. The systems are built using high-quality simultaneous digitizers, featuring high channel count, deep capture memory, and open standard interfaces.

Our aim is to help you at every stage of the problem-solving process, from initial conception through to system installation and integration.

From initial contact, we encourage a close relationship, forming a working partnership that will ensure your system meets your requirements.

Scalar’s components and  acquisition systems are designed to interface with standard operating systems both in standalone configurations and in a networked solution. Systems feature high-performance intelligent data acquisition cards, ensuring that the core acquisition technology meets your most stringent requirements.

Scalar manufactures products for industrial PC systems and CompactPCI™ systems. If you are looking for high-performance signal conditioning and data acquisition equipment capable of capturing tens or hundreds of channels simultaneously and in real-time, check out our pages. If we don’t have what you need today, contact us and tell us what you want.