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Providing Value To Client Companies:

Professional, ethical, cost-effective services for obtaining qualified engineers.

Recruitment of candidates with proven records of success and achievement.

Elimination of candidates that are not qualified or not serious about a career move.

Reduction of the number of resumes that must be reviewed by as much as 95%.

Reduction of the number of interviews required for candidate selection.

Client’s save time and money relative to the recruiting and hiring process.

We guarantee our work.

Our Recruiting Process & Methods:

    We perpetually recruit electrical and process control engineers.  These individuals comprise 95%+ of our candidate database

Our services include developing recruiting strategies, candidate recruiting & screening, interview coordination, reference checks, candidate and client briefing & debriefing, offer negotiations, and research on career & employment-related information.

Prior to being submitted to a client, the candidates are screened against all specifications for the respective position including education, compensation, technical skills, experience level, and various individual parameters.

Information and candidates are managed via a fully relational computer database that includes task tracking and scheduling.  Communication by phone, fax, and internet is provided around the clock.

Generating A Complete Job Specification:

A complete Job Description/Specification assures that the right candidates are considered, speeds up the recruiting process, and reduces hiring cost.

Job Descriptions/Specifications should include:

Educational requirements (level & type of degree)

Specific functional qualifications required (maintenance, project exp. etc.)

Specific equipment skills needed (PLC, DCS, etc.)

Specific industry experience needed (paper, chemical, etc.)

Level of responsibility (supervisory, budgets)

Structure of work week (on-call, overtime, shifts)

Particular personality traits needed

Reporting manager/supervisor for the position

Structure of department (peer group)

The reason the position is open (promotion, resignation, etc.)

Salary range & benefits offered (bonus & other perks)

Career paths open from the position

Items that make the company and/or job attractive